‘Everybody Wants Some’ Movie Review

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review; I’ve been very busy. I haven’t been not watching movies, though. In fact, I’ve got a lot of reviews that are about to come out this week, including my late thoughts on Secret Life Of Pets and a retrospective look at the original Bourne trilogy. But first, we’re starting with this gem of a movie.

Everybody Wants Some is a movie that I nearly forgot about. After some interest last spring, but a limited theatrical release, Richard Linklater’s latest effort slipped off of my radar. I do feel that there was a lack of true hype in the film community, as opposed to other small releases such as Midnight Special and Eye In The Sky. Even so, the reviews that came out were very positive.

So here I am a few months later, and I notice that Everybody Wants Some has come out on DVD. I went to my nearest Redbox not expecting to be floored, but expecting a good time. And that’s what this movie really is-a good time. It’s a great time, actually. I’m glad I “rediscovered” the film, because I do truly believe I would’ve been missing out on one of the most fun movies of the year.

Writer/director Richard Linklater is a master of creating atmosphere. Look no further than his 2014 twelve year production endeavor Boyhood as a prime example of his versatility and realness when doing so. My personal favorite film of his that I’ve seen is his underrated indie of 2012, Bernie-which flawlessly portrays rural southern people while still creating gut busting comedy. With Everybody Wants Some, Linklater goes after the atmosphere of college in the 80s; and while I cannot speak for his accuracy in the portrayal, I can safely say that Linklater’s atmospheric creativity is at the forefront of the movie. His soundtrack selection deserves a specific note, as it really makes the sell here. Make sure you have the song “My Sharona” downloaded on your phone, because you won’t be able to get it out of your head after this movie. And of course, the hair styles and clothes also do their part in spades. While watching this movie, you feel like you’re in the world of these characters.

With that mention of the characters, let’s talk about them-because in my opinion, they are the reason you watch this movie. The roster that Richard Linklater has created for his fictional baseball team is full of guys that you really just wish were real so that you could hang out with them. They’re welcoming, laid back, and above all, they’re super fun. I could not help but love every single one of them; and furthermore, they each felt like they had their own unique identities. What’s even more impressive is that I felt like each of those identities got explored in the film, which is an extremely difficult task.

While among all of these guys, we watch them through the eyes of a freshman named Jake, who’s played perfectly by Blake Jenner. I’ve never seen Jenner in any other films, but I’m anxious to see what he does next. His performance here just felt so genuine, I could not help but like him as a main character.

Another standout among the bunch was Glen Powell as Finnegan, an upperclassmen who serves as a guide for our freshman protagonist. Finnegan was probably my favorite character in the entire movie. He’s fun, but he’s also kind and welcoming. He shows the new guys around like an older brother, but he seems just as confused about life as they are. He’s still seeking his true self, and it makes his character-like Jenner’s-feel very genuine.

There’s a giant cast in this movie, with far too many members to donate paragraphs to. I will give special mention to Wyatt Russel, who plays an upperclassmen/stoner who serves a similar purpose to Finnegan-and to Zoey Deutch as Beverly, Jake’s love interest throughout the film. Also notable is J. Quinton Johnson as another fun upperclassmen who helps show the freshmen the ropes.

Overall, I cannot say enough about the fun this movie offers. It’s a good time, but also has depth hiding underneath all of the debauchery. At it’s core, Everybody Wants Some is a movie about finding your place-and it’s beautiful to watch our characters navigate that journey.

With that, Everybody Wants Some found it’s place on my list of favorite films of 2016 so far.





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