Catch Up Time!

It’s been far to long since I’ve posted on this blog. For over a month, I’ve been tied up with school responsibilities that simply took up any spare time I had to write. Even so, I’ve squeezed in a few films during that time. With that, here are some of the movies I’ve seen in the last month and a half or so!

War Dogs

This film wasn’t what I was expected, and was perhaps hurt a bit by false trailers. Even so, one cannot complain about a lack of comedy when watching a compelling drama that has the feel of a Scorcese movie!


Sing Street

This indie gem is brought to us from the amazing John Carney. Carney is known for his musical films, or rather, films that focus on the subject of music. His most well known work to date is probably Begin Again with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley, an awesome movie indeed. While I don’t think I enjoyed Sing Street quite as much as that movie, I must say that Carney’s sensibilities continue to shine in a unique way while he bold character explorations continue to move on a deep level. Sing Street is a must watch for anyone with dreams, or anyone who’s ever worked their butt off to impress a girl. With a fun cast of characters that is reminiscent of The Sandlot, Sing Street is guaranteed crowd pleaser.



Hell Or High Water

This movie blew me away, and is certainly one of my favorites of the year. Hell Or High Water is a modern western in the truest form, taking place in modern day Midlands Texas. Following two brothers who rob banks, and the sheriff and his partner who are pursuing them, Hell Or High Water does an excellent job of genuine suspense by making the audience love both parties. Furthermore, with gorgeous Southern landscapes at sunrise and sunset filling the screen, it is a visual marvel to behold. If you see any one film on this list, see Hell Or High Water.



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