‘Baby Driver’ Movie Review

Happy 4th of July! It’s been a while since I’ve last written a review. I’ve been a few different places, experienced a few different things, and seen a few new movies along the way, including Wonder Woman and The Godfather on the big screen! Unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to write about any of them, […]

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‘Logan’ Movie Review

Finally! After so long, I am able to write another movie review. Yes, I’ve missed this old blog. It’s always fun to write my thoughts about current movies and share them with you all! Even so, life has been very busy lately, and I myself have had less time to not only write these reviews, […]

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‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Review

Earlier this year, Warner Brothers and DC put their two biggest shells into a double barrel shotgun and hoped that it would bring down Marvel with one shot. That shot, Batman v. Superman, didn’t exactly hit the mark, though. It remains one of the most divisive movies of the year, despite the release of an […]

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‘Jason Bourne’ Movie Review

Coming off of an Oscar nomination for The Martian, Matt Damon could not have been more perfectly poised to return to his most iconic role as the titular super spy. Director Paul Greengrass is coming off of similar acclaim, with his latest film being the multi-Oscar nominated drama Captain Philips. Furthermore, the last Bourne movie they […]

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The Bourne Retrospect

Today, one of my most anticipated films of the summer finally comes out in theaters. Jason Bourne puts Matt Damon back into his most iconic role, with acclaimed action filmmaker Paul Greengrass back behind the camera. With that, it only seems appropriate to look back on one of the best modern film trilogies to get […]

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