‘Loving Vincent’ Movie Review

Every now and again, a movie comes along that breaks new ground in the realm of production technique. The most notable example in recent years is Boyhood, in which director Richard Linklater crafted a narrative film over the course of 12 years around a young man literally growing up; filming once a year with the […]

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‘Lego Batman’ Movie Review

The second film that I caught while catching up at the theatre this weekend was one that I was really looking forward to, The Lego Batman Movie. I thought that The Lego Movie was one of the most purely hilarious animated movies ever, and I also thought that Batman was one of the best characters […]

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‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review

All I have to say is, “It’s about time, Pixar.” Then again, who can really complain? In the time that they didn’t release Finding Dory, the animation juggernaut gave us such classics as Up, Wall-E, and one of my favorite films of last year, Inside Out. With so many original projects, it’s easy to understand […]

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‘Zootopia’ Movie Review

Finally, another trip to the theatre! Yes, after two weeks of being on a hiatus from the movies, I finally got to see a new film! Zootopia is the first major animated release of the year, and it has quite a line up to kick off. Even so, I think we’ll all be talking about Zootopia after the […]

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‘The Peanuts Movie’ Review

This was a movie that snuck up on me like a pleasant surprise. Amidst the Bond hype, it’s very easy to forget that there’s another major release this weekend. The beloved Peanuts gang make their return to screen in what is possibly the most charming film of the year. I’m a Peanuts fan, having grown […]

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‘Inside Out’ Movie Review

I had heard a lot of great things about “Inside Out”. Before walking into the theatre, I knew it had a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and most of the critics I follow had loved it. Many who had seen the film were already praising it as one of Pixar’s best, if not it’s best. Needless to […]

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